“With the SmartStock system that we installed in mid-March, we have not had a single death loss in the past 195 days. Early infection detection (48-72 hours before showing any visual signs of sickness) has also reduced my pharmaceutical costs by approximately 40 percent.”

Jeff Beyer
Dairy Manager, Grand Canyon Dairy in Texas

“Oklahoma State has been working with Smart Stock LLC rumen bolus for over a year as part of the high risk cattle receiving and feeding work that we conduct. Their rumen bolus has effectively been able to detect increase in core body temperature of calves exposed to BRD pathogens and transmit that data to remote receiver and computers. It appears that the bolus is able to detect health events at least 24 hours in advance of visual signs. It also has potential to detect health problems in calves that never show significant visual signs.”

Chris Richards, Ph. D.
Extension & Research Beef Cattle Specialist
Oklahoma State University

“We’ve found the rumen boluses, especially those with a 5 minute reporting schedule, to be very useful in monitoring animals for heat stress in our research projects. Since installation of the system, we’ve collected in excess of 70,000 individual temperature data points. The TechTrol [SmartStock] system provides a convenient and effective method of collecting high density data sets of core body temperature, which has been shown for a number of applications, to be a more meaningful measure of heat stress and load experienced by animals, especially those on endophyte infected fescue pastures.”

Robert L. Weaber, Ph. D, PAS
University of Missouri, Lincoln University, U.S.
Department of Agriculture and Local Extension Councils Cooperating