Base Station Receiver

The Base Station Receiver allows communication to the computer via a serial line from all the field Receiver/Repeaters that are accepting information from all the animals with a bolus.


The Receiver/Repeater transmits the information it receives from the bloused animal and sends it to the base station. Receiver/Repeaters are placed strategically around the dairy, feedlot or grazing pasture and with peer-to-peer networking, are connected to a common database. One system with multiple receiver/repeaters can easily outfit an entire feedlot with animal density of well over 100,000 animals.

Pole Mount Assembly


A pole mount assembly allows for the receiver/repeater to be mounted in a variety of locations and configurations. It can use different antenna configurations. It allows for solar setups. It can be mounted next to a fence or as a stand alone feature. The pole mount assembly is only limited by the imagination of the user.

Solar Assembly


The Solar charging kit will convert power for the TTI00058 receivers when AC line power is not available. The kit includes all mounting brackets, including: antenna mounting hardware, enclosure mounting hardware, battery mounting hardware, power connection cables, 10 mW solar panel, and solar charger.


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